Juniper Dry

Juniper Dry

  • London-inspired with notes of citrus peel, coriander & angelica
  • 50cl
  • Extracts & Distilates T&E Juniper Dry contains extracts and distillates that have been sustainably sourced from the following ingredients: Lemon, Orange, Lime, Coriander, Angelica
  • This botanical spirit has a delicate blend of Juniper, citrus, and herbaceous undertones reminiscent of the beloved Gin and Tonic. Taking non-alcoholic drinks to the next level, T&E have created the perfect spirit alternative. London inspired with angelica extracts, citrus peel, and herbal notes blended elegantly with an impressively long finish. Juniper Dry might be an alcohol-free spirit, but it seriously delivers on flavour.

    With an aroma and grown-up bite that could easily be mistaken for alcohol, this botanical spirit packs a punch in all the right areas. As an alcohol-free spirit substitute, it captures all the intensity and complexity you would associate with a Gin and Tonic. Juniper Dry has a perfectly balanced bittersweet finish that would make a great aperitif 'spritz'. It would taste equally as delicious served over ice in a highball glass, topped with Indian Tonic Water and garnished with a fresh Lime Zest.

    Our mature range of non-alcoholic drinks brilliantly captures the essence of alcohol, using only sustainably sourced plant-based ingredients.

    Whatever your reasons for not drinking, T&E leads the way when it comes to alcohol free drinks. As innovators we feel passionately about creating exceptional experiences, with a nostalgic yet futurist approach. We understand that non alcoholic drinks are the future of drinking, which is why we’ve been around for over 150 years.

    It’s important that our products not only taste great but provide a genuine experience akin to alcohol. Juniper Dry has the body and complex layers of flavour that promises a sophisticated, refined treat any time of the day.